Creative New Style


In a world of technology everything changes with an unexpected acceleration. While we are experiencing benefits of the modern age, some parts of us still have deep connections with our ancient roots! Our sacred beliefs, rituals, tales of grandmothers, luck charms, symbols, signs and any object still guide us on our way to unknown. These are our TOTEM’s! The sparks of our soul that keeps us alive!

This year as Knight&Bride Wedding Concept, we would like to reveal spiritual and mystical side ourselves. An inside journey from what is visible to abstract. Knight&Bride’s minimal and comfortable designs are meant to meet the expectations of those brides with refined tastes.

We believe in a world where every bride could easily dance, move and enjoy in her dress all the day but still look cool and pretty.That’s why we are creating comfortable dresses in our style with different stories every season

İpek Emre