İpek Emre

İpek Emre

A brand aims to create non-traditional, bohemian, sophisticated wedding dresses.

Founded by Ipek Emre in 2016

Currently exist in Turkey, France and Germany.


Since the beginning of our journey we are acting with an ethical mindset at all stages of our business from designing process to aftersales services. We care about equal payment, equal social rights and equal working conditions as a part of our egalitarian policy which includes same amount of respect to anybody who is involved in creation of Knight&Bride Wedding Concept.

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With the rising demand on sustainable clothing, one of our main aims is to contribute to the cyclical textile movement to minimize the carbon footprints with the choices of our materials, energy saving machines & equipment and production techniques.

All of our materials used in bridals are supplied by local producers who meet the global quality standards and have required certificates. We are launching a new brand called FRIENDLY where we use only and totally sustainable materials in all of our products. Generally bridal garments consist of fabrics that require high percentages of Polyester which does not dissolve in the nature easily. So, either we use recycled Pes fabrics with GRS certificate or other materials which includes as much as natural fibers possible such as bio-cotton, hemp, linen, tencel and eco-vero fabric with lenzing certificate. Also accessories we use such as buttons, zippers and interlinings are also produced from either natural or recycled materials.

As a part of our sustainability understanding we are trying to make conscious designs to save more materials&sources, time and energy in every dress. Also, with a clever workmanship, every dress is designed to be tailored upon request easily so by this way you can use your dress after you wedding in other occasions. Hem seams, waist seams and all the darts have at least 1cm seam allowance that enables to widen up until one size. (Every dress’s pattern is uniquely studied first on mannequin and then transferred into our digital library which makes the sizing and required alterations easier. In order to find perfect fitting, we produce several samples and decide on the best looking one of all. Every process of producing a dress is taken so carefully by our professional team.)

For us quality is the most important thing of all so we take it seriously to present you the best dresses in best prices with the best service. Our quality controllers check every single style in sampling process and also once the style is fully produced before shipping & delivering to you. We use latest technology equipment such as Juki sewing machines, digital plotters to catch up with the up to date production trends. We are on a period to apply for BSCI and SEDEX certificates to guarantee our production standards and quality once we move to our new building in Sarnic. In this sense from A to Z every raw material we use in production, every supplier we work with, every equipment we use has quality certification.


We produce from size 32 to 54 in European sizes. Please check our basic measurement chart before ordering your dress.




We kindly advise you to book an appointment minimum 2 months before your wedding date from our website, by calling our store, sending us a WhatsApp message or Instagram direct messages. Please be noticed that you are allowed to try maximum 6 pcs in a single visit and extra fee is charged over 1,5-hour rehearsals.

We’d like to host your friends and family in our cozy store however due to covid risk we can accept only 2 guests with you.

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We stock a limited selection of Ready-to-Wear wedding dresses handmade in our own atelier to a standard dress size which is 38 and height (155cm shoulder to floor)

If you find your dream dress in your size from our store selection, probably there will be none or maximum one more rehearsal for you to be ready.

If your dress is going to be produced from the beginning in your size than you need to visit our store minimum 2 more times for a perfect fitting. If your wedding is in only 4 weeks or sooner you need to pay extra fee for priority order.

Please do not forget to bring your wedding day underwear, shoes and accessories to rehearsals for us to adjust the dress on you perfectly. Incase of cancelling or postponing your rehearsal please get in touch with us min. 1 day before your rehearsal day.



You can pick up your dress from our store after the last rehearsal or we can ship it to your address at your expense with a demanded transport company.


Domestic shipping
If you are a bride living outside Izmir and has no chance to visit our store you can send us your measurements and we can produce demanded dress in your size as a Made-to-Order gown and ship it to your address at your expense

International shipping
If you are a bride living outside Turkey and has no chance to visit our store you can still send us your measurements to e-mail address info@knightandbride.com minimum 6 weeks before your wedding date for the demanded dress so we can produce it to your size and ship it to your address at your expense.


For your bulk orders please contact us from the e-mail address below.


We are unable to offer returns or exchanges unless in the event of a genuine manufacturing fault. All items undergo high-grade Professional quality control to ensure fabrics and manufacturing are of the highest standard. We highly recommend you try your dresses once you come to pick it up and incase of weight loss or gain we reccomend you our local talior to make the necessary adjustments at your expense.


Do you produce custom-made dress?
No, we don’t produce custom made dresses however, we can produce any of our styles in your size.

How long in advance should I choose my wedding dress?
You have to visit our store minimum 2 months before your planned wedding date if it is going to be produced from the beginning to your size. If you want to purchase our ready-to-wear gowns you can make visit us 2 weeks before your wedding date.  

Where can I find the prices of your dresses?
You can learn the prices of our dresses by contacting us through Whatsapp number or instagram direct message.

How many dresses can I try?
Our appointments are limited to 1,5hour so you can try as much as dresses you like in 1,5 hour.

Do you make tailoring?
We work with a very reliable seamstress that makes all tailoring at your expense.

Do you make dry-clean?
If you will buy one of our ready-made dresses we can make dry-cleaning in demanded cases.

How many people can bring with me?
Due to the covid precautions we are able to accept only 2 acquantices with you.

Do I have to pay for the appointment?
Our appointments are free of charge only for 1,5hours. 250TRY will be charged if you would like to extend your stay and number of dresses you want to try on.


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